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Christmas Meat Specials

Looking to up your steak game this Christmas or are you looking for a last-minute gift for your favourite meat eater? Either way we have something you are going to want to see!

Wagyu Rump mb7/8+ $39.99kg

Wagyu Porterhouse mb4/5+ $74.99kg

Wagyu Scotch fillet mb7/8+ $99.99kg

Wagyu beef burger mince $18.99kg

‘Pure Black’ MB5+ whole flank steak $39.99kg

‘Cape Grim’ MB4+ Tomahawks $39.99kg

‘Cape Grim’ Rump Cap $24.99kg

‘Tey’s Certified Angus’ 100-day GF Rump Cap $24.99/kg

‘Kilcoy’ MB2+ Porterhouse $29.99kg ​All on special and all while stocks last! ​(remember it's Christmas week so things are selling fast!)

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