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Premium Pork

OUR Pork

We source our pork from a number of premium sources. Our personal favourite Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pigs. Centuries ago, a small number of Black Berkshires were gifted to the Kingdom of Ryukyu (modern-day Okinawa) the Japanese called these pigs Kurobuta pigs (Black Pig). When our family first bought 50 Berkshire sows over 15 years ago we DNA tested them and they all held the Oriental Kurobuta Gene Hence the name Ryukyu which is a nod to these pigs heritage.

Black Berkshires are considered a heritage breed and can be traced back to the 1600’s in England. Raised ethically and respectfully in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Raised to be stress-free and HGP free. The Berkshire genetics results in a pork product with high intramuscular fat. The fat composition is soft, white, and full of flavour. This attribute results in the meat with a rich texture that is juicy, sweet flavoured and tender. All pigs are fed a natural grain-based diet or Barley, Wheat, Soybeans and other grains.

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