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We pride ourselves on stocking the best wagyu in Canberra to do this we had to source the best wagyu in Australia so we went straight to our friends at Security foods. Security Foods uses Karoge Washu bred wagyu and Tajima Bloodlines, selected on the basis of extensive progeny testing (over forty years) Bred in the temperate regions of Australia, in particular the Byron hinterlands, young calves are nurtured on their mothers in pristine grazing areas. From 12 months of age, they are moved into dedicated backgrounding facilities and finally finished on grain for a minimum of 500 days. Only the best carcasses which have been independently graded by Aus-Meat accredited chiller assessors are selected. The selection criteria are based on meat colour, eye muscle area, and marbling to ensure that you have the perfect steak.

Our wagyu prices are subject to change and availability. the best place to have a look is on our online store.  



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