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Lotus Health Gods At The Food Forum

Check out our huge range of pantry essentials from the health food legends @lotuspantry !!

Truth in labelling backed by ethical, sustainable sourcing are, and always will be, part of the Lotus philosophy. All of Lotus' products are packed in Melbourne through allergen friendly production facilities, GMO-free and in re-sealable, oxygen barrier bags to keep in the freshness!

Certified organic, vegan & gluten-free, globally sourced from premium ingredients, Lotus is "simply what it says it is"...


Carob powder 250g - $5.89/each

​Traditional rolled oats 500g - $7.79/each

Savoury yeast flakes 500g - $21.99/each

​​Royal black quinoa 500g - $9.79/each

​Almond meal 600g - $25.00/each

​Brewers yeast 500g - $14.89/each

​...and much, MUCH more!!

​Visit us in-store or jump online for contact-free pickup and delivery

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