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Weekly Fruit and Veg Specials

It's that time of week!! Our specials are in and they're ripe for the picking! ​​​ ​Dragon fruit - $7.99/kg ​Menindee seedless grapes - $3.99/kg ​Crimson seedless grapes - $4.99/kg ​Shepard avocado - 5 for $4 Williams' pears (large) - $2.49/kg Yellow peaches (large) - $3.99/kg Royal gala apples (small) - $2.99/kg Yellow nectarine (small) - $3.99/kg ​Yellow/assorted colour banana chillies - $2.99/kg ​Zucchini (large) - $2.99/kg Roma tomato (large) - $3.99kg Tomato (small) - $3.99kg Pirovic cage eggs 700g - 2 for $6 ​Meggles free range eggs 600g - 2 for $7 ​Visit us in-store or jump online for contact-free pickup delivery


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