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Dobinsons to your door is here!

If you live in Canberra, chances are you know Dobinson's Bakery. These guys have been a staple of Canberra for as long as we can remember. Unfortunately for these guys, (much like ourselves) having shops in the local shopping centres has meant that this lockdown has hit them pretty hard. A couple of weeks back, foot traffic was at an all time low and so we caught up with our friendly neighbours at Dobinson's to see if we could help them keep the wheels turning while we wait for this lockdown to end. We knew you guys helped us out at the start of lockdown when we had thousands of punnets of strawberries to get rid of... so it took us about three minutes to work out that we should add some of Dobinson's products to our online shop. ​So here it is! a select range of some of Dobinson's most popular products, added to our online shop. Order the day before and the good folk at Dobinson's will be up all night baking so they can have these products to us by 6am the next day where they'll go straight onto our truck and straight to your door, fresh as can be! It really doesn't get much better than that! ​So support local, support your appetite, add a treat to your shopping cart and help us keep the dream alive! ​***Yes it has been on our shop for over a week, we're a bit slow on the socials sometimes

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