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Not sure what you're doing for dinner?

Why not check out our range of fresh greens (with the obligatory eggplant, of course... ) for a bit of food inspo!

​...and if you're not quite on top of how to cook some of these fruit and veg (bitter melon, we're looking at you!) we've gone ahead and put a little something on our story for you, 'cause we're cool like that

​Bitter melon - $2.23/each

​Luffa (soft melon) - $4.75/each

​​Purple eggplant - 51c/each

​Okra (small) - $14.99/kg

​Sinqua (star melon) - $3.36/each

​Snake gourd - $7.49/kg

​Hairy melon - $6.83/each

​In-store or online

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