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Shepard Avocados

Shepard avocado season is upon us and we've got them fresh from @skyburyfarms !! Firmer than its cousin the Hass, yet still rich and creamy, it's no wonder they call this fruit nature's butter! With their glossy green skin and delicious nutty flavour, Shepards not only look and taste different to Hass avos, but typically don't brown when cut, making them perfect for salads and sides! ​Oh, just one more thing! Shepards have a shorter season than Hass' (of around February to April) so to put it firmly, they're here for a good time, not a long time! ​Shepard avocado (large) - $1.99/each

​Hass avocado (large) - $2.49/each ​Visit us in-store or jump online for contact-free pickup and delivery!

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