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Specials !

(this specials are from last week and some have changed over the weekend)

You might have noticed that the front of the shop is loaded with a lot of Aussie stone fruit at the moment… and for good reason! it's eating great and it's cheap!

​This week’s specials are here!

Yellow small nectarine $2.99kg

Yellow small peaches $3.99kg

​Small white nectarine $2.99kg

​R2e2 mangoes 3 for $4

​Small Kensington pride mango 3 for $5

​Large candy melon 2 for $4

​Small topless pineapples 2 for $5

​Black berry punnet 125g 2 for $4

​Large apricots $4.99kg

​Limes $4.99kg

​​Pink lady apples $2.99kg

​Royal gala apples $2.99kg

​Broccoli $4.99kg

​​Cocktail truss tomato punnet $1.99 each

​Asparagus bunch 2 for $3

Large ​zucchini $2.99kg

​Wombok $3.99 each

​Brushed potatoes 5kg bag $4.99 each

​Yellow banana chilli $4.99kg

Pre packed ​Swiss Brown mushrooms $6.99kg

​Sunny Queen free-range eggs 700g $3.99 each

​The mall is packed full of people this week so if you want to avoid the flood of Christmas shoppers check out our website and get your groceries delivered.

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