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Oxheart tomato and white peach salad anyone? (Oh, it's a thing... and it's the perfect summer dish!) But we digress... Our weekly fruit and veg specials are in while stocks last!

​ ​ ​Keitt mango (small) - 2 for $5 ​Pearl mango (small) - 2 for $5 ​Menindee seedless grapes - $4.99/kg ​White peaches (small) - $2.99/kg Yellow peaches (small) - $2.99/kg ​Whole rockmelon (large) - $2.99/each Royal gala apples (large) - $3.99/kg Ruby grapefruit (large) - $2.99/kg ​Candy giant plums - $3.99/kg ​Topless pineapple (large) - $2.99/each ​Ox heart tomatoes - $6.99/kg ​Tomatoes (small) - $2.99/kg ​Visit us in-store or jump online for contact-free pickup and delivery!

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