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This week’s specials, available in-store and online!

Menindee seedless grapes $6.99kg Pineapples large $3.9 each Pink lady apples small $2.99kg Small Fuji apples $2.99kg Small white peaches $1.99kg Small white nectarine $2.99kg Small yellow nectarine $2.99kg Small yellow peaches $1.99kg Ruby grapefruit large $2.99kg ​2kg box of cherries $19.99 each

Chokoes $3.99kg ​Cucumber apple $2.99kg ​Chinese broccoli 2 for $3 Baby bok choy 2 for $3 Choy Sum 2 for $3 Beetroot 2 for $3 Corn 3 for $2 Small tomatoes $3.99kg Long hot green chilli $6.99kg Jalapeno $6.99kg

If you are isolating at home or just don’t want to drive down to the mall you will be happy to know we offer Canberra wide delivery - 6 days a week! ​All while stocks last.

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