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Weekly Specials

We are going to avoid making a comment about the weather this week because we keep ruining it for everyone so this week is specials.... just specials and nothing else.

​Kensington Pride Mangoes Small 3 for $5

​R2 E2 Mangoes small 3 for $4

​​R2 E2 Mangoes Large 2 for $5

​Large Candy Melon $2.99 each

​Small Whole Rockmelon 2 for $3

​Small Pink Lady Apples $2.99kg

​Large fuji Apples $2.99kg

​Lady Finger Bananas $4.99kg

​Small Apricots $5.99kg

​Afourer Small Mandarins $1.99kg

​Lebanese Cucumbers $1.49kg

​Round Beans $1.99kg

​Long White Radish (Lubuk) $2.99 each

​Iceberg Lettuce 2 for $3 lettuce

​Red Mixed Colour Capsicum $4.99kg

​Small Tomatoes $3.99kg

​Asparagus Bunch 3 for $5

​Green Kale $1.99

​In case you didn't know we do home delivery, Check out the online store!

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