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It's no secret that Australian produce is some of the best in the world! We are up 3 am every morning ensuring that only the best produce possible makes it from those fields onto our shelves. Whilst most retailers in this day and age-grade food based on appearance, our philosophy is based on taste... if it taste’s good, we want it.

Valencia Oranges
Fruit Specials

Fruit and

Butcher section

We like doing things the traditional way, We have a full in house butcher shop preparing meat, fresh in-store, 7 days a week. You wont find any gas flush packaged meat with a 3 month expiry date in our meat cabinet. Our buying team are on the phone to local producers every day of the week sourcing the best lamb, beef and pork our region has to offer.


Angus Beef


Cowra Lamb


Premium Meat 

boar cross goat



Brands We stock

Chicken Drum sticks


Unlike most other retailers, we debone our chickens in-house, fresh every day, and not In a factory hundreds of km’s away, meaning our customers only receive the freshest product possible.

The Birds

Pepe's duck


gamefarm spatch cock


food forum grocery section


We stock a large range of food related grocery products at competitive prices. A full range of dairy including, milk, cheese, yoghurt etc Free range and cage eggs A large selection of health foods and wholefoods A full range of nuts and legumes Herbs, spices Continental products Oriental products


wholesale delivery

From opening our doors in 2014, we have grown from serving a few walk-in customers to now supplying over 200 local businesses with fresh produce 6 days a week.

Delivery $15 (free for orders over $300)  Mon, Wed, Fri: Civic, Dickson, Kingston, Manuka
Tue, Thu, Sat: Gunghalin, Belconnen, Woden, Tuggeranong

Fresh Food Market Canberra

Welcome to The Food Forum, your all-in-one fresh food market in Canberra. If you live in the ACT and have been searching for ‘fresh food market near me’, then you’ve come to the right place. 

At The Food Forum, we’re passionate about sourcing all the best produce that our beautiful country has to offer. From fresh fruit and veg to high-quality beef, lamb, chicken, pork and more.

  • Why is The Food Forum the best fruit and veg shop near me?
    We proudly source only the best and freshest local produce. We’ve worked hard to build solid and lasting relationships with producers and suppliers. So when you shop with us, you can do so confidently knowing that the fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and grocery items that we have available are top of the line.
  • What fresh produce can I find at The Food Forum?
    If you’re after fresh meat, fruits and veggies, you’ll find only the best quality produce at The Food Forum. We also stock a wide range of quality dairy products, including cheese, milk and yoghurt, as well as smallgoods and Continental and Oriental grocery items.
  • Where does The Food Forum deliver to?
    We are located inside Westfield Belconnen, and this convenient location allows us to deliver fresh produce directly to our customers in Canberra. We offer fresh food delivery to the surrounding suburbs of Belconnen, Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Weston, Molonglo, Woden and the Inner South and Inner North.
  • Does The Food Forum sell wholesale to businesses?
    Yes, we do! We proudly supply more than 200 local businesses with delicious, fresh produce. If you would like to know more about ordering wholesale products from us, please contact us.
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